Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today Emma, Finn, and I took quick (read six hour) jaunt to Milwaukee to meet the newest member of our family! Three day old, Henry Joseph, is just darling...a snugly bundle for sure. Emma was quick to tap into her mothering instincts. Sure that was a lovely sight to see, but she seriously cut into my baby holding time.
Finn stopped playing soccer with Uncle Jamie just long enough for me to snap this great picture...he has his priorities you know!But here is the money shot of the day...Emma, Henry, Charlie, and Finn...four cousins together. It is truly amazing to consider how our family has grown over the past decade or so. All around the day was a beautiful celebration of family and the passage of time.


Mary said...

Precious ! I want to snuggle a baby and smell their head (someone else's of course)

Love to see the cousins together

Im still close to all my cousins today...all 800 of them (Irish)

Mb said...

so sweet!

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