Sunday, May 3, 2009


This evening we had some friends over for appetizers and drinks on the deck. They arrived with this massive pot of herbs planted by their daughter. It contains winter savory, lemongrass, rosemary, tarragon and lemon verbena. I am certain it will grow into a mound of culinary craziness! Thank you Miss E.We settled on the deck and enjoyed some easy conversation...but I was distracted. A flapping and scratching and squeaking noise was coming from somewhere and after a while I was pretty sure I had enough yoga experience to know it wasn't the noise in my head.
"Does anyone else hear that?" I asked.
In the next instant all focus turned toward the empty planter hanging outside our back door. Our guest, Jim, lifted the planter down and considered the contents and hung it back up. He paused. He took it back off the wall and looked again and put it back.
"I think there is a bat in there," Jim said.
I laughed.
Jim is a jokester and I didn't believe him. How could a distracting bat invade my small plate appetizer evening?
" really there is a bat in there."
I laughed nervously and ran down the stairs.
Yep. There was a bat in the planter. Emma and Finn were delighted and I learned I don't react gracefully when a bat takes up residence near my back door...a slight collapse was involved.
Jim took the planter and laid it in the garden hoping it would crawl out and fly away.

As I was plating up our watermelon and feta bruschetta the bat made it's way out of the planter, struggled for a moment, and ultimately graced us with a low fly by around the yard before departing for the evening.

A close second to the bat in excitement was this little dish. A random inspiration...lime seared scallop and cumin corn tortilla chips with heirloom tomato, quick caramelized onion, orange, and cilantro jalapeno pesto. Of my recent creations this one has some serious potential.
That dish will return, but my hope is the little bat will not.

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Mary said...

That food looks so good...i'm really hungry. I remember when we lived across the alley, bats were abundant(in the air that is) Yikes near the food

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