Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spur of the moment.

We had a little impromptu cook out yesterday evening...super casual burgers, salad, and roasted potatoes...with a bunch of great friends and neighbors.
Everyone was in great spirits and conversation was flowing one point pretty late in the evening our friend Dejan, while deep in conversation with a couple of friends and Leif, commented,
"Look I am probably the person furthest to the left on this deck. I am a communist raised, socialist leaning, leftist voting man sitting on this republican built deck."

I have to admit our gorgeous deck was built by very conservative gentleman, but in that moment I loved all the crazy people in my life just a little more! I mean how many folks do you know who could let a statement like that fly without a moment of hesitation?
I love my life and hope for many more amazing conversations this summer!

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