Monday, April 6, 2009

Small Plate Throwdown

Tonight an amazing Irving family invited me to cook dinner for their family reunion.
We decided on a small plate multiple course meal. There were several foodies in the house and folks had travelled from the north east and Hawaii!
I paraded out a couple of my staple dishes like the fish entree and my beets with bomboloni, but I was also able to try out a new soup and a tricked out corn dog...and to all you doubters, the corn dog was a marvel. Seriously.
Dinner for eight.
Brie, Goat Cheese and Fresh Mozzarella Ravioli with Tomato Olive Sauce and Frizzled Basil
Sweet Pea Soup with Spicy Crab.
I loved this dish!
The Lobster and Shrimp Corn dog with Tarragon Mustard Remoulade
Umm...yeah. It was that good.
Moroccan Flavor Halibut
Fennel Scented Mussels with Chilies and Roasted Garlic Toast
Those Beets with that Savory Gorgonzola Doughnut


Mary said...

Very Impressive! and thank you for your nice comment on the photo

Ever think of going on Top would kick everyone's ass

Mary said...

How do you cook so many different dishes at the same time...alone?

Mel said...

The meal is done by courses, Mary. So while the guests eat the pasta I am in the kitchen plating the soup and so on. I bring in someone to serve the table and wash the dishes.

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