Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scope Creep

Okay when we put in our new deck last year we did not realize our entire yard would suffer. My friend and major home improvement veteran, Design Junkie, informed me we were experiencing what is referred to as "scope creep." He took on a kitchen remodel ended up replacing his laundry room ceiling; it was an additional and unexpected project resulting from issues stemming from the original scope of work. Our resulting grassless plantless and generally greenless yard was our unexpected project...not to mention the entire area was studded with glass shards. We had a few people over last fall just to christen our new deck and young C of the Pfour kept handing over bits of glass saying, "Me no bleed."
To solve our creep issue we contacted Colleen Hulen of Hulen Landscaping and
while her amazing crew still needs to come back tomorrow to finish the planting and mulching I just couldn't resist sharing the early results!

We can't believe this is our yard! We think it looks like a sweet little putting green.

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Mary said...

it looks great!

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