Wednesday, March 11, 2009


On Monday, while celebrating Finn's birthday, we played our traditional family birthday candle game and Leif was the big winner. I have played the game since I was a girl and I naturally introduced it to my kids when the time came. My grandma was the driving force behind the tradition and It occurred to me that I have never seen anyone outside of my family play. So...for all of you looking for a little competition while you enjoy your is how it works.
The Birthday Candle Race
After the candles are blown out each person at the table pulls one "racing" candle from the top of the birthday cake.
Frosting may not be wiped away.
Using a lit birthday candle that is not "owned" by anyone carefully drip wax onto a glass plate. Place the base of a "racing" candle into the hot wax and wait for it to solidify.
The candle should stand. Repeat until all candles are standing on the plate.
Working quickly light all the candles on the plate.
The Race is on!
The last candle to burn out wins!
Frosting makes the candle burn faster
Sometimes your candle can create a perfect pool of wax and it will outlast any candle on the plate.
Have fun and don't burn the house down!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, Leif won something that involved "going the slowest?" I am shocked.

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