Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Foodie Tip: Stone Soup really wants to eat them. Not to mention the leftovers produced by family of four are often bizarre. Three fourths of a pork chop, a few tablespoons of peas, half a dozen shrimp, and a stray handful of spinach...not enough to make a full meal yet just enough to make you feel a little guilty when you throw those scraps out.
We all know times are a little tough right now; we are all clamping down on everything we can in order to pinch a penny.. I have been trying to come up with fun ways to combat the economic crisis in my kitchen and I realized capping the waste in our house would be a great first step. These are baby steps of course, because budget conscious menus make me nervous...women's magazine articles boasting a family of forty-two can be fed on $.07/per person a tin can and a prayer stab me right in my gluttonous heart. The gourmand in me shivers at the thought of excessive uses of elbow macaroni, ground meats, canned fish, and Taco Sauce and I think, "Hell...Meet the Duggars? Head down this path and I am one tater tot away from being a Duggar."
Somebody slap me.
Relax...the answer is the noodle bowl. Last night was a prime leftover night...Wedensday...there were just enough bits and pieces laying around that needed using. In the spirit of Stone Soup, I sliced up some left over meats and veggies and placed them in small bowls. I made a flavorful broth with chicken stock, onion, ginger, garlic and soy sauce and added a few carrots, some baby corn, eggs, and spinach. Ladle that yummy broth over the meat and noodles and garnish. For crying out loud I even used our mixed nut ice cream topping in the dish! It was just divine and didn't feel remotely like eating leftovers; the dish was a spicy special occasion. My garbage is lighter, my fridge is cleaner, and my creativity is sparked. Maybe every Wednesday should be leftover night...

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