Saturday, March 7, 2009

Emma and Finn Perform!

It is going to be a rainy day tomorrow!
Bring your kids and check out Emma and Finn's MOMENTA performance!
I See America Dancing is a fast paced and at times gut wrenching show. Kevin Dirckson's Deer Dance and solo by Cora D. Mitchell portraying Sojourner Truth are worth the price of admission alone. Oh...and Finn plays a turkey.

Capture the American Spirit and make sure your child joins us for the "I SEE AMERICA DANCING" back stage tours! Children will receive tickets to "ride" the MOMENTA Express and travel through American history. At every turn young guests will savor the opportunity to interact with talented MOMENTA dancers, touch and try-on costumes, and see the stage and sets up close. The train offers several stops including San Francisco where Chinese -American immigrants will teach choreography, a Powhatan Village where Native Americans will supervise a craft, and St. Louis where a Western writer and "real cowboy" Paul Colt will share stories of Lewis and Clark's adventures.
If you want your child to feel like a VIP make sure she or he is a passenger on the MOMENTA Express!
Backstage Tours are Sunday, March 8th @ 1:00PM and Sunday, March 15th @ 1:00PM. Ticket prices are $ 15.00 for children and $ 10.00 for adults. The child's fee includes a backstage tour, meeting the performers, a keepsake photo and special activities prior to the show. Their is a 25 child limit. So order your tickets early! Please call the Academy of Movement and Music @ (708) 848-2329 with any questions or orders.

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