Sunday, March 22, 2009


While we were growing up, my brother was kind of notorious for breaking things when we had dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Each time we visited he would famously break the light covers in their basement and on more than one occasion actually ran through their screen door. Things eventually got so bad my parents started bringing items for repairs in advance of things being broken. I couldn't relate to them at all...until now.
When the weather is nice there is no better way to celebrate than having a cook out with friends. We were delighted to spend the evening on Saturday with our friends Aim and G for some grilled pork chops and sunny chatter. Finn was kicking the soccer ball in the back yard and despite several statements to our gracious hosts about the potential hazards of soccer play in the back yard he was encouraged to continue kicking the ball. He was told he could shoot the ball against the canoe.
Finn eventually started kicking the ball against the fence and when I saw it wobble I said, "Finn, not against the fence."
He turned direction.
"Yes, against the canoe, but be careful not to hit the win..."
My words were still hanging in the air.
It was the cleanest break you could imagine; definitely a solid shot. The glass literally exploded into the garage.
Our hosts were very very cool about the whole thing, but Finn totally broke their garage.
So now Leif and I are looking into purchasing a piece of glass. We'll buy a spare piece of course because we like Aim and G and would like to go back to their house someday.
When Finn got home he passed along every cent of his money to put toward fixing the window without being asked.
At least he understands he has to take responsibility for the effects this boyhood rite of passage had on our friends' garage window...


Mb said...

A story I can totally relate to...what a great kid Finn is for taking responsibility. I love him.

Anonymous said...

I say, lets be truly proactive. Invest in glass block.

Mary said...
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Mary said...

welcome to the boy club Finn. TJ, while we still lived in Oak park; in one summer threw a league ball through the living room window, hit a golf ball through the basement window and hit a league ball through Wes and Munju's garage window.

I at first thought that was your garage and was going to inquire about the canoe

Mary said...

i think im going to like the new blog...thanks. How much money do think she really makes from ads?

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