Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Tonight was one of those bizarre divide and conquer parenting nights. Finn had a double header at Sportzone and I watched the first game. Leif came for the second and while our "red headed little fireball" (the parents from the opposing team referred to him that way) played his second game I went to pick Emma up from dance and take her out for a late dinner. We went to the Buzz and I swear she didn't take a single breath (save for the moment I snapped this picture) during our entire hour long dinner. I just love listening to her...she bubbles over with middle school stories and tons of questions about growing-up, the behavior of girls, and yes, the occasional boy. She talks about books and art and dance. I know the janitor moved her lunch table of choice, she wrote a tribute poem about my dad entitled "He Makes Me Believe in my Dreams," and if they are doing walk-fit in Gym they can get a detention for running. Our easy dinner lasted over an hour and I simply drank in the view of the world through the eyes of my daughter.
Time well spent.

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Mary said...

Love it! My experience tonight was somewhat different. Is it possibly a boy vs girl issue or is it just me?

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