Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tonight took me to a fundraiser for the Harrison Street Business Association. Harrison Street is filled with vibrant restaurants, hip coffee shops, art galleries, and holistic medicine clinics. Restaurants served up wood fired pizzas, Hurricanes (good ones), crab cakes and gumbo to celebrate Mardi Gras and our lively community. Belly Dancers took the stage and I was able to connect with several local artists and even made plans with Lynn from Art Gecko to work on a custom art piece I am very excited about!While I roamed the room my connection to this amazing south Oak Park Community was apparent. I don't often consider my support of Harrison Street businesses, but tonight as I bumped into Karen from The Careful Peach, I did. Karen lent me my jewelry for the Inauguration and I purchased one bracelet from her as a memento of our trip. As I turned around I saw Auntie G, my pet sitter, working the silent auction table. In the next instant I was deep in conversation with Chelsey, my hairstylist, from Sandra Ross Salon. My acupuncturist, Julia, was confidently working her popular table.
What it boils down to is this....without Harrison Street...my pets would pee in the house, my hair would be lackluster, I wouldn't be able to turn my head, and I wouldn't have a little unexpected sparkle!
Every cent they earned tonight was more than deserved!

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Mb said...

I love the way you write! Once again, I was laughing out loud.

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