Thursday, February 26, 2009


There is nothing like a karma smack for a young dancer and Emma certainly has had one.
On Valentine's Day Emma brought home her very first pair of pointe shoes. Collecting that first pair of soft satin slippers is a major rite of passage and waiting two weeks before taking a class in them requires major patience. On Sunday February 15th Emma accidentally kicked a door while flitting about. We didn't think much of it right away and then in the following days Emma's foot started turning black and blue and swelled to the point she couldn't even try on her new shoes. We had her foot X-rayed and learned she had what looked like a severe contusion (or "compulsion" as Emma called it). We were told things should improve within a week and if they didn't we should follow up with Emma's pediatrician. Well two weeks after kicking the door Emma's foot was less bruised, but no less painful. Today Emma met with the podiatrist and learned she has damaged the ligaments in her big toe.
Recovery time 10-12 weeks.
She would have been a little better off it had been broken.
There is hope that with her combined strength and youth recovery time will be shorter. dance and no gym for at least two more weeks until we go back to have her evaluated by the podiatrist.
We couldn't tell if she was more upset about temporarily hanging up her never worn pointe shoes or having to wear a dreaded walking boot.


Mary said...

OUCH! hurting a big toe is the worst
good luck for her

Mb said...

How's the door?

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