Friday, February 6, 2009

One Mom's Gallery

My friend A of the Pfour frequently posts her kid's art on her blog and as I was dusting my house today I realized how much my little artists have influenced my decor! Please enjoy my favorite pieces from around the house by Emma and Finn.

First Grade Self Portraits/Clay/Emma 2003/Finn 2005

Exploring Henna Tattoo Designs/Multimedia/Emma/2008

Assorted Pots/Clay/Emma and Finn/2003-2009

Abstract/Acrylic on Canvas/Finn/2002

Grocery List Holder/Popsicle stick, paper, marker/Finn/2007

Self Image Study/Construction Paper/Emma/2006

Velveteen Rabbit/Model Magic Clay/Emma/2005
Rock/Tempra Paint/Finn/2005


Mary said...

Love it, very very cute. I also have about 12,000 clay pots

Anonymous said...

Awesome art! I really like the self potraits in clay. I NEED to get a BIG storage device for M's current and future art. chris f

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