Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A note on your JH

I need to make mention of my new found love of signatures. Your good ole' John Hancock can get you a good many things in life and recently mine proved I wasn't a liar.
Two days before Christmas I was pick pocketed. After realizing we had sustained a substantial monetary loss, contacting our banks, and filing fraud claims we were immediately reimbursed by both the bank holding our primary accounts as well as the issuing bank for our only credit card. Although I had to fill out an affidavit for each fraudulent transaction it seemed as if the worst was behind us; we had our money back and peace was restored...until our primary bank suddenly unrestored it. While we were in Washington our checking account value suddenly dropped. We got online and there, by a debit for nearly $800, were the words, "Fraud investigation credit reversal." What? We called the bank and yes they had in fact reversed the credit for a charge made at TJ Maxx because my bank determined the signature on the receipt matched my signature on the affidavit. Never mind the fact the transactions on either side of that purchase had been proven unauthorized...the absurd fact that in this scenario my card would have been stolen, returned to me, and stolen again didn't seem to make any difference. What was I supposed to do now? "Call the Chicago police department and start an investigation," my bank informed me. I had to prove to the bank I have been with for more than a decade that I was not a liar. Somehow this didn't seem fair, but after requesting the reciepts be mailed to me there was little else I could do.
Two days later the receipts came from the bank...clearly the person signing for the monstrous TJ Maxx purchase was trying to imitate my signature, but really wasn't even close and the thief failed to include my middle initial. Even when throwing down a chicken scratch signature with a 50 pound bag of dog food slung over my shoulder as I run out the door of Petco I would never forget that M...not once...not ever. One phone call, several moments of very controlled anger, and 25 minutes on hold as my bank looked over my signature history...and voila, I was flush with cash and apologies!
I love the humble M!

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McGinty's said...

great blog...shitty situation. Glad you got your dough back

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