Sunday, February 8, 2009

Master Class

Emma is planning to attend Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp for ten days this summer in Michigan with several friends from the Academy. It will be her first sleep away camp experience and she couldn't be more excited at the prospect of combining a peaceful outdoor setting and bunk beds in rustic one room cabins with five intensive hours of ballet per day!
Yesterday I drove Emma downtown to Ballet Chicago for a Blue Lake master class. Children attending the class have opportunity to earn scholarships to off set the costs of the session fee. Emma, wearing the distinctive number 199, enjoyed her class. She and her two friends were the youngest in the room and struggled at times in the center, but gave it their best effort. She will wait a couple of weeks before she finds out if she receives any scholarship money, but in the meantime we will sign her up for camp! No matter what happens I was very proud Emma entered this challenging class with a great attitude and enthusiasm for dance!
Update: Emma is happy to report she received a scholarship covering 50% of her camp tuition! Her parents are happy to report it is cheaper to send her than to keep her.

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Mary said...

Wow, I'll keep my fingers crossed

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