Thursday, February 12, 2009

Full Circle

Playdates are a common thing in our house and today Finn had his friend H of the Pfour over for pizza, Wii, and Bugles with cheese and sunflower seeds. It was just your average fun afternoon, but after I snapped this picture of the comfy duo the real magnitude of this relationship struck me.
Leif has known B forever; the two met in Racine, WI while they were in preschool and they have been best friends ever since. B was the best man in our wedding and Leif was the best man in his, they found their fair share of trouble together during their youth, and even managed to fall prey to Limoncello as recently as last week! I know Leif treasures his relationship with B and has cherished evolving from boys to men to fathers together.
H is B's son and they live around the corner.
How about that for the full circle friendship!


Angela said...

True, true, true! (And beyond sweet.) Thanks again.

Mary said...

Sooooo cute!

I don't see a problem with the frozen pizza

buy it, cook it, eat it...move on!

you have no idea how much I just cracked myself up

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