Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finn's Viewpoint

Helping the Environment
By Finnr Elsmo
age 8

Everybody needs to take better care of the earth because of some problems. The world needs more care for the environment. My three reasons are recycle stop cutting down trees and stop littering. Those are my three reasons. That’s how you make the world better.

Stop cutting down trees and plant new ones. I think people should stop cutting down trees. And start planting new ones. Because it’s good for the environment. And it helps people breath and stop polluting.

You need to start recycling. It helps save the environment and it reuses witch is good for the environment witch rocks. And its one step closer to a better world. People might trip and animals might die. That’s why you should recycle.

You need to stop littering because it pollutes the earth. Its one step closer to a good environment. Animals might eat the garbage and suffocate.

You need to stop littering. You need to start recycling. Stop cutting down trees.

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Mary said...

I want to bite him he's so cute!

I kept saying Oh Oh Oh

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