Saturday, February 21, 2009

19th Century

It is not a week (lately) unless we have a fundraiser to attend!
Tonight Leif and I, along with my fellow Day Nursery board member ML, went to the 19th Century Club for a Mardi Gras Fundraiser to benefit the Benevolence Fund. The Day Nursery was an honored winner of a portion of their 2008 distribution of funds.

We purchased our raffle tickets and perused the silent auction while drinking a Hurricane with a flavor disturbingly reminiscent to Luden's cherry cough drops....after three sips we had to cash in our drink tickets for a bottle of wine!

Our table was filled with merry folks and fine conversation. While we dined on our meal of Jambalaya, red beans and rice, crab cakes, and collard greens we had the chance to learn about a local non-profit rehab facility called The Way Back Inn. This is an organization that is doing some pretty amazing work and the ED and clinical director are clearly passionate about their mission. The others at our table were in attendance due to an Obama connection and shared their recipe for a "better than sex" cake.

We headed out before the parade and made our way to Trattoria 225 for a glass of wine and talk about Heath care in our country.

Just another Saturday night!


Mary said...

Looks great1. I am sending Karrick to you for one week for a lesson in charity and service!

PS: he's still not budging on the 1 coin contribution. Ah baby steps

Mary said...
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