Saturday, January 31, 2009

For the love of okra.

This evening I was hired for an event at this intriguing Oak Park home to benefit the Infant Welfare Society.I meticulously laid out the dishes for my favorite mix and match Chinese take out dinner and proceeded to serve a trio of appetizers.
With forty guests in attendance it took me (with the help of the great LB) about thirty minutes to filled the colorful buffet and it came out perfectly. Guests grab a take out box and begin to fill it according to their personal tastes...with four proteins, threes bases, countless toppings, four sauces, and several fun crunchy garnishes the possibilities are pretty much endless!
All the guests fell into our Chinese New Year theme and loved their boxes. A couple of people came to me and asked what made their box so gentleman was breaking a slight sweat when he asked. I assumed it was just bland palates talking because I make the buffet mild on purpose leaving obvious options for heating it up in the toppings. I didn't think much of it until I passed a group at the buffet and over heard a gentleman saying, "Well I never thought of okra as Asian, but what the heck."
Umm...those little toppings were not okra....they were Serrano chilies.
That was a food recognition error I was not anticipating. About four people overheated themselves in the name of loving some okra!


Anonymous said...

omg that is funny. Where in God's name is that house in Oak Park?

Anonymous said...

That was me, but I didn't mean to be anonymous

McGinty's said...

got myself in a little pickle, if i can't fix it. McGinty's are now anonymous

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