Sunday, January 4, 2009

So long winter break

Many families across the land have had a stop watch counting the minutes until school and work resume after a long winter break. That's not the case with the Elsmo Four...our watches have been counting just how many seconds we have together before everything returns to our crazy state of normal!

In our family Christmas is a magical time because of the Nutcracker, but the week after the show closes is extraordinarily special too. We all relax in a way unlike any other time of year...we do little and do not feel badly about it. Each one of us hunkers down, gets cozy, and savors each moment of our seven days of freedom.

Sadly, we have reached the final night our our favorite week and to celebrate we made some very delicious pizza (including a very yummy sauce-less Greek version) and watched Prince Caspian as a family.

The lunches are made, ballet and soccer clothes are clean and ready to go, the blackberry and cell phones are charged, and the minivan is all gased up. At promptly at 6:45am we will all be back to our daily grind feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Nancy said...

That Pizza Looks delicious! Leif said it was.

Love, Nancy

nonna nancy said...

great week of rest and back to routine..Love to you all and I look forward to seeing you soon..Nonna Nancy

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