Wednesday, January 7, 2009


My Grandma, Virginia, loved Scrabble. It just so happens she was also incredibly smart. As a result it wasn't very fun to play against her...she would decimate you every time. She averaged 500 points per game and really only felt challenged when she played against herself.

I inherited my Grandma's Scrabble board and all the little paper score cards she kept in the box. Her scores were recorded in her small, tight, and sharply leaning script on yellow slips of paper; there were even scores from games she and I played together when I was a child saved in the box.

Leif and I played many hours of scrabble on that game board, but as the years rolled on the box started to collapse and as much as we try to mind our P's and Q's we lost some of them and a few vowels.

A few months ago my friend Deb came to a bunch of mom's on the playground and mentioned she was starting a craft project and needed old game boards. I told her I was sure I could come up with a few. She would not share her plans for the boards, but promised to reveal the results when the project was complete. I parted with Grandma's Scrabble board.

Imagine my surprise, when Deb announced her project was finally finished and shared that she had made "green" notebooks from the collected game boards. Then she presented me with this re-fillable notebook made from Grandma's game.

What a treasure!

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McGinty's said...

Who doesn't love scrabble? My mom kicked everyones ass in out family. It was always a family tradition to play after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.This year TJ brought his new "Santa gift" a Scrabble game to my dads and had a game with Jim, Casper and Christine. Cute craft

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