Friday, January 23, 2009

The "not quite" Parade

While Emma and Leif witnessed history in the making on the steps of the United States Capital, Finn and I headed to the Inaugural Parade. Since security of this event was so complex we made our way to our seats at 11:30 am for the 2:30 parade. We navigated our way through the maze of blocked streets and found the security check point for the Green ticket area. As I approached the first line of security they told me my purse was too big for entry. They suggested I empty the bag, put the items in my coat pockets and fold the bag in half. Well it wouldn't fold and the next thing I knew I had budging pockets and a red leather purse in the trash can on 17th St. This all seemed rather strange to me as my bag wasn't that big but I headed back toward security and they let me pass. Just as I was nearing the metal detectors and wondering why they would let me wear a coat stuffed with the same contents as the purse they made me throw away, a security officer approached me an said I could opt to try to get the bag through the check point if I wanted. I mulled this over for a moment...I surely did not want to draw the attention of the snipers posted all over; the last thing I wanted was to end up on MSNBC for attempting to bring an empty red leather purse from Target into the Inaugural Parade, but then again I only have two purses so I pulled it out of the trash and risked a security breech. I walked nervously forward with the crumpled bag in my outstretched hands..."I am willing to part with this bag" I kept saying over and over and then they passed it through the check point. Crisis averted!

We sat in the freezing cold among passionate kind-hearted and enthusiastic Obamacrats! As much as we loved talking with our parade mates we could not deny the dropping temperatures and the late start. The event was more than 90 minutes off schedule and we were seated across from the White House at the very end of the route. After five hours in the cold Finn was not faring well...his lips turned blue and he stopped talking. I considered taking him to the medical tent to buy some time, but opted instead for and early departure; I thought it best to choose parenting over politics! We did manage to see Al Roker and Jamie Lee Curtis before we made a break for it! As Finn warmed up (and it took a while) all his personality came back and he was perfectly fine!
As much as we would have liked to have seen the First Family walk down Pennsylvania Ave I know we made the right choice...I'd bet every penny in my red leather purse the Obama Family would agree!

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