Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just Peachy!

As if my life isn't exciting enough right now it got even better this afternoon. The Careful Peach is a lovely and luxurious boutique located on Harrison Street in Oak Park celebrating the art of European living. Karen and her staff offer unique and refined gifts, jewelry, and housewares of unmatched quality; they must be seen! I adore my French designed tablecloth I purchased in her shop!

Karen caught wind of the fact we are going to Washington for the Inauguration of President Elect Obama and attending a ball. Acting as the Harry Winston of South Oak Park, Karen called me and made me an offer I couldn't refuse...she asked if I would be willing to borrow jewelry from her shop to wear during our travels! Umm...YES!!!

Making my selections was amazingly fun and slightly challenging, but my first confidant pick was this incredible dandelion pin. I plan to wear on my coat when I attend the parade on inauguration day. Obama's victory was a wish coming true!
I also picked out this amazing necklace (and a cuff bracelet not pictured) made from French Silverware that has been melted gown and recast...the obvious chef connection drew me to the piece.These final two pieces are simply spectacular and I will wear them proudly to the Midwest Ball! The amethyst and diamond ring is enormous and makes me feel beautiful beyond words. I never would have selected it because it is so extravagant, but Karen insisted and I am thrilled she did! The necklace is balance of sturdy intricacy and I have never seen another piece quite like it. There are really no words to express how special Karen and The Careful Peach made me feel today. It is hard to imagine a community really being as loving as South Oak Park is, but time and time again that fact is proven true. I am humbled and honored to represent The Careful Peach with sparkle in DC and praying...seriously praying I don't get mugged!!!


Penny said...

I LOVE THIS STORE. Unfortunately, I haven't bought anything for myself there (only presents) but that's go to change! Thanks for sharing the pictures. You are going to be a princess!

Jennifer said...

I adore this store! Thank you for bringing them some attention in your blog. I keep mentioning them to friends - must keep them in business! (I have a lust for the gingko leaf necklace and bracelet) - Jen P.

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