Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inauguration revisited

My canvassing partner CR decided inaugural stories from DC deserve to be shared. I couldn't agree more and was delighted to receive her invitation to join her and three other women who had all made the journey to Washington for the swearing in of our 44th president.

I had never met the other ladies at our table at the Buzz Cafe, but from the outset it was clear we were bound by similar experiences. We sipped coffee and told tales of freezing bodies and warming spirits, of smuggled hand warmers, and not so glittering galas. I learned one woman lent the ball gown she wore to the Illinois Ball on Monday to a complete stranger for a ball on Tuesday; she expects it will be returned by mail. One strong willed lady rode her bike to the inauguration from Maryland while another travelled by chauffeured car and yet another wandered over from her hotel across the street right into the crowd. Someone mentioned the joy of seeing multi-generational families bringing wheel chair bound elders to witness history in the making, another mentioned the thirty or so children who were briefly lost in the crowd, and another spoke of volunteers bursting into tears as President Obama took the oath of office. There were surprise tickets, orange tickets, blue tickets, and no tickets at all and a few tickets left unused...each storyteller's experience was unique and each had their own voice, but all the tales were similar in theme...we are one.

Thank you CR for insisting we share our are quite the keeper of history.

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