Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Cozy New Year's Day

There is no better way to celebrate the first day of 2009 than whipping up a batch of Leif's Bloody Mary's and filling the house friends!

The Frigs, 2 Gills, 3 of the Pfour (feel better A), and the Kraljs headed over in super casual clothes (some brought slippers and a few kids were in their PJ's) to enjoy some pizza, popcorn, movies, and relaxed conversation.

We always know a get together at our place has been a success when C of the Pfour is sound asleep on our couch. Usually things wind down at that point......but this time Papa Frig had an Italian New Year's tradition to share.
He served up a batch of Sambuca con la mosca (Sambuca with the fly). After pouring a small amount of Sambuca, a digestive made from star anise and white elder flower, into cordial glasses he topped each one with three coffee beans. The three floating beans signify health, happiness, and prosperity. And then he lit them all on fire!

Flaming drinks at the Elsmo house certainly lead to laughter and excitement and, in this case, one minor burn. Our collection of firey friends set the tone for 2009 today and will certainly sustain us through the new year.
Thanks for sharing the day with us and being a part of our, happiness, and prosperity are the least you all deserve!


Angela said...

Was sorry to miss this! Thankfully, I'm back to normal today. The boys had a great time. Thanks again.

McGinty's said...

You guys certainly have some stamina...God Bless ya!

McGinty's said...

Chris is playing at Elbo room tomorrow at 9pm. Grab some friends and come out to support her. We are all going

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