Saturday, January 10, 2009

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When we adopted our newest pet, Lucy, we really had no idea what we were getting into. Our three year old Chiuaua-Yorkie mix was rescued from a puppy mill in southern Illinois with 90 other dogs. She was bred for profit, gave birth to at least three litters of puppies, and, like her rescue mates, never knew life outside of a wire bottom crate. She lived outside year round, never interacted with humans, and was rotting from the inside out. Sadly 70% of the dogs rescued from her puppy mill had to be euthanized due to insanity...but Lucy made the cut and found her way into our family and our hearts.
She really has no idea how to be a dog, but is learning more every day. We saved her life by having her spayed, she has gained three pounds on her now seven pound frame, and has finally has hair (when we adopted her she had none). Now we dress her in pretty sweaters.
I adopted Lucy while Leif was out of the country. He really had no say in the matter.

And Leif thought he wouldn't have anything in common with the new dog! Lucy has been eyeing Leif's beverages off and on for as long as we've had her, but tonight she mustered the confidence to sneak a couple of sips. We will not encourage this behavior, but come on...the bitch deserves a drink!


Annie said...

Absolutely priceless!

Nubia Chaidez said...

LOL - I thought you were forwarding me the link the static hair pic. This is ridiculously great :)

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