Monday, January 5, 2009


Today represented a stark contrast and serious departure from the lackadaisical days of Winter break. Both Emma and Finn returned to school and Leif went back to work. Leif then headed to Wisconsin to be with his mother and take her to the hospital in the morning for hip replacement surgery. I ran about a zillion errands and signed checks at the Day Nursery. Emma spent two and half hours dancing and Finn started a 90 minute Coerver Soccer Clinic in Melrose Park. Finn and I raced home while he told me about all his best goals to beat Emma to the door; I don't like the idea of her coming home to an empty house at 6:45pm. We made it and while I threw together a quick chicken and rice dinner Emma talked and talked and talked about her day(adorable). We ate. Somewhere in the middle the kids started working on their homework, I learned Leif had made it to Racine, Emma called all her friends to invite them to Dim Sum on Sunday, and I did the dishes. The kids finished their homework, ate ice cream, and brushed their teeth. I tucked Finn in. Emma read. I put water on for tea. Finn got up because his toe hurt; I removed a splinter. I tucked Finn back in bed. I prepared the coffee for tomorrow morning. I tucked Emma in. I sat down with my tea. Emma got back up to make her lunch and finished at 10pm.


Boi said... true.



McGinty's said...

A perfectly painted picture of households across the land. The Mcginty house was all dark by 8:45pm as no one including Karrick could fall asleep Sunday night before midnight...still on vacation sleep schedule. I tell ya we all have a bounce in our step today!

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