Saturday, December 13, 2008

Which came first?

Having a bowl of eggs like this in my house delights me in every possible way. The array of colors and speckles before me sparks my desire to paint rooms in my house to match these eggs...they range from deep rust to nearly blue-green. I am having a serious Martha Stewart moment; the eggs were in a nest last night!

These gorgeous "many colored" eggs were given to me by a Joffrey parent and farmer. Tracey owns and operates Grace Note Farm in Whitewater, WI and keeps heritage breed chickens on her property. She practices sustainable farming to ensure her farm will be able to continue to produce without damaging the environment and urges everyone in the area to buy local. Pretty cool if you ask me! She also makes and sells hand cut can check them out here.
Needless to say, we had breakfast for dinner.
You know how a tomato tastes a thousand times better when it comes from your neighbor's garden? The same is true for eggs.
The shells were extremely hard and after cracking I noticed the whites were thick and cloudy...a major sign of freshness!
They cooked beautifully and had so much flavor they barely even need salt and pepper!
All four of us cleaned our plates...yolks and all!
Oh...and my farmer friend brought me another little gift but you'll have to wait until Christmas to find out what it is!!

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