Thursday, December 4, 2008

Under the Sink

Sometimes I think it must be difficult to be my neighbor. Today I started a minor, and I do mean minor, plumbing project in the kitchen. Finn accidentally broke our sprayer nozzle while he was washing dishes over the week-end. Leif picked up a replacement sprayer and I had some time to install it this afternoon. I removed the broken nozzle without a problem and attached the new one with a bit of a struggle, but had it secured in a reasonable amount of time. I turned on the water and the faucet flow was choppy and loud and water was spraying out under the sink. Crap. I started over not once, but twice and yielded the same result. Two hours into my little project I decided to call in reinforcements. I felt silly having to be rescued, but never the less I made a call and my neighbor Bshaw headed over with his wrenches. He cut his fingers and struggled with the sprayer and got pretty wet. Guess what...the darn thing was broken. Vindication. We reinstalled the old broken nozzle so I could use my sink. I will tackle this issue at a later date...maybe!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would think that someone with a 6 inch custom painted (Valentine theme) Ridgid pipe wrench would have been able to handle this type of situation on their own. That said, I wish we were slightly closer neighbors.

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