Sunday, December 7, 2008

Steak and Popcorn

I once had a dish that actually contained both steak and popcorn at Tru, but today I just ate steak and popcorn...While the kids were rehearsing at the Joffrey I snagged my friend B.Boots and took her to Garret's Popcorn on Randolph to buy her a bag for her birthday. B.Boots cannot stand the smell of Garret's popcorn and as a result she had never tasted it. I was insistent she was missing out big time and forced her to stand in line for 25 minutes to get her bag of the caramel and cheese combo. She was a great sport and, despite being overwhelmed by the smell, agreed it is some pretty amazing popcorn! We had a nice afternoon chatting and she got to take home a yummy snack to share with her family while they decorate their Christmas tree!
Happy birthday B.Boots!

After 5 hours of rehearsals Finn made a quick change and we headed out to St. Charles for a round robin soccer tournament. I found Emma's investment in her brother's game comically appropriate for her age. Yep, that is Finn's team playing BEHIND her.

Three 30 minute games later our Strikers had lost two and won their final game. After wining their division in the fall it was nice to see the boys playing at a more challenging level. Finn played extraordinarily well; he displayed a great understanding of using the wall as a player, embraced the faster run of play indoor brings, and stuck a couple of kids in his "dangerous" way! I think he was thrilled to get out of the studio and back onto the pitch!

The tournament ended at 6pm and we were all starving. That popcorn was not enough to tide any of us over! We have started a soccer dining tradition. Following any tournament we seek out a local restaurant to try and we usually judge the place based on the number of cars in the parking lot. Tonight we ended up at an old school, and I mean old school, steak house filled with locals. The parking lot of Ki's Steak and Seafood was jammed and the dinner was exactly what we look for in our post soccer dining experiences.

The restaurant looked like Christmas threw-up, but you couldn't help liking the feel of the joint, despite the garish floral banquette seating. Finn dug into some perfectly cooked pork roast and applesauce, Emma masterfully devoured a half slab of ribs, Leif savored a New York strip, and I loved (despite an obvious over use of paprika) my surf, surf, and turf. Easy, comfortable, predictably good food is exactly what we expect from a restaurant with a crowded lot...and Ki's delivered!

We are all happy and exhausted!
This time of year brings much merriment and fun to the Elsmo Four, but it was nice to finally return home this evening!


McGinty Clan said...

What is the jumbo book Emma is reading? You were so close to my house. We are probably 2 miles east of Ki's on the East side of 355 off North Ave and Main. Never have eaten there,but always plan to. is it any good? Glendale Heights is the pin in our bubble.

jules said...

We do the same thing around hockey and travel baseball tournaments! In fact, I highly recommend The Pizza Joynt on North Avenue around Hillside. With decor straight out the 70's (think Barnaby's or Shakey's) it has great pizza, cheap beer and is a great place to go with the team - super kid friendly!

Annie said...

Well, I'm doing my usual catch up on 3 or 4 entries at one time as I break from accounting (I HATE accounting... Fin-nancial accounting that is... however you say it, I am not feel'n it). Lady, you have had some serious craziness going on with the electricity, water etc.! Should I bring a fire extinguisher with us when we come for opening night? ;o) Can't wait to see you!

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