Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pj's at the Ballet

Have you ever had one of those days where you use the accomplishments of your children to enjoy a privileged experience? Today was one of them for me and I make no apologies for it, as I am pretty sure Finn was bored out of his mind for the better part of the day!

The kids participated as observers (cast B danced today) in a seven hour tech rehearsal for the Nutcracker today at the Auditorium Theater. During the process the stage feels hollow and is harshly lit, observing children sit on the apron of the stage flanked by Joffrey Artistic Directors, and company dancers mill about waiting for direction. The house is quiet with only a lucky few present to witness the simultaneous breaking down and building up of a massive ballet production...and I was among those few.

During performances, ballet is an art that can create an army of beautiful similar people, but during tech an army of individuals perform. At any one point there will be five Snow Kings and Queens dancing on the stage at the same time wearing what look like (and in some cases are) pajamas. Production stops and starts and watching you can easily see who is having a tough day, who the company jokesters are, and sadly feel the moment injury may compromise a sugarplum fairy's performance.

Tomorrow Emma and Finn will be on stage for the full dress rehearsal and perform in the opening night show. I can't wait to see that, but I feel I must thank them for this grand opportunity...this rare chance to witness the bare bones of ballet. Thanks Emma and Finn, this was a day I look forward to almost as much as opening night!


Angela said...

Good luck today Emma and Finn! Can't wait to see you Saturday.

The Mcginty's said...

How exciting!!!!! ah Hell, If you can't live through your children who can you live through? Good Luck kids and have fun.

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