Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Supper

My parents were supposed to come into the city to see Emma and Finn perform today, however, the weather did not co-operate and we found ourselves with two extra seats to the ballet. What to do?
Invite Finn's soccer coach of course. Leif and I love Murray and his girlfriend, Beth, is a complete delight! We enjoyed a few cocktails and fine fare at Custom House before the show. We chatted while enjoying gorgeous crab cakes with grapefruit and some pretty delicious donuts with espresso cream and bananas.
The kids performed beautifully and the show as a whole was memorable. Finn was thrilled to have his coach greet him afterwards and despite the fact my parents missed out on their Christmas gift we loved this day!

We loved this day until we returned home to realize my wallet had been stolen.

The thieves, in a matter of hours, spent every cent we had in our checking account including our (never used) over-draft protection funds.

The thieves also did some serious damage to our only credit card.

All in all we are talking thousands of dollars.

Our accounts are all on lock down and until further notice we are pretty much penniless save for the thoughtful and sporadic withdrawal of cash from savings.

Who would rob us?
What I really hate is the fact our unknown betrayers spent hundreds of dollars at Coach. I have never purchased anything at that shop and I would love a Coach bag. I hope whomever has the gift of Elsmo funded Coach and other things under their tree really finds happiness in their sudden holiday wind fall.
We have each other and that is all that matters.


The Mcginty's said...

Holy Crap! That stinks and I;m sorry that happened to you, but you seem to have a good attitude. We too could not get to the Nutcracker in time and the only train was 1:oo to Union station at 1:50...no way in bad weather would a cab get us there in 10 min. I also was terrified of the rush hour traffic coming home as I didn't know what Mother Nature had in store. I am sad that I missed the performance.

Anonymous said...

Keep your windows rolled up, lock your doors, and definitely put 4 ounces of vodka in that bloody! Like my mom always said, "when life hands you lemons, make bloody Marys!"

Amy HT said...

Boy, that totally SUCKS. I can't believe it. All I have to say to that Coach-lovin' thief is: "Karma!"

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