Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve: Phase Two

After returning home from Wisconsin I quickly threw together some mango, crab and mint maki rolls and prosciutto wrapped asparagus, as we were anxious to take the Pfour up on their Christmas Eve appetizer party invitation!
Many of our close friends were there and there were also welcomed family additions...B's sister Pam , her husband and two children, as well as A's mother and father. It was a very nice group to say the least and featured plenty of delicious food. Pam's rosemary brie with pears and balsamic vinegar and A's pastry wrapped olives (recipes please!) were among my favorite bites of the night!Among other things, The Frigs brought home-made pizzelle cookies shaped into cups. In what was a fairly INTENSE operation they filled the cups with a chocolate orange mousse and candied orange peel. They looked and tasted my experience intensity always pays off!
As the evening drew to a close the children all gathered to eat cookies and receive small gifts and favors...from there the sleepy heads went straight to bed eager to see what Santa had in store for them.
Thank you Pfour for making our day both merry and bright!

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Anonymous said...

Intense cups for intense company! When can I come play the Wii? cfrigs

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