Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vinyasa and Oenology

This afternoon my friend LB made me go to yoga. I was having one of those cozy family mornings and really wouldn't have ventured out to yoga trek had she not called (so thanks LB, what would I do without you). This was our first class since completing our series of 60 minute classes and we dove head long into our 90 minute Vinyasa Flow class. I told myself as I hung out comfortably in my first down dog that it was just 30 extra big deal.

As I hit my 8th down dog with calves burning, my only thought was..."good God, this is 50% more yoga than I have done before." As we were nearing the end of our practice I found myself hovering in the locust pose (above) considering cereal boxes boasting 50% more raisins and I thought, "that is a lot more raisins! Am I okay?" The class was long and hard, but I did it. And you know what? I felt fantastic all day because of it!

Later in the day My Leifer and I ventured out to have dinner with some of his co-workers and their spouses. Evenings of this nature have been mixed bags in my experience; tonight was all good! First of all our hosts, ChefL and Rdawg, have a lovely home and put together a memorable meal accompanied by many fine wines. ChefL's polenta was divine; perfectly cooked and enhanced by mascarpone cheese...a serious yum. Rdawg served up some Dynamite wine that enhanced the shortrib entree nicely. While I loved the meal we could have eaten a frozen pizza, as the company made the evening! I love an evening where you start out as strangers, somewhere in the middle start laughing and learn a little more about each other, and in the end part ways exchanging hugs and looking forward to next time.

So I have been a little board since Obama won the election and I cannot campaign for him. I have found my next political obsession...

Appoint Rdawg United States Director of Oenology!

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