Friday, November 21, 2008

Souper Dinner

Tonight Leif and I headed out to meet our friends Jim and Sue for dinner at the new Harrison Street hot spot...Briejo (pronounced Breejoe). The restaurant is enjoying a soft opening before their official grand opening next week-end. Soft openings allow restaurants to train their staff, tweak the menu, and work out any is my favorite time to dine in a new restaurant. Upon arrving I noted the space is warm and inviting, the owners are extremely present, and it was buzzing with positive energy! After ordering a trio of appetizers (escargot, baked goat cheese, and artichoke tempura), a bottle of Pinot Noir, and laughing extraordinarily hard, Sue presented us with Jim's new children's book and CD...A Soup Opera.
I love having talented friends and this book is a total delight! Buy it for your kids and all you grown-ups will love the last page...personally I loved discovering the Obama's attended the opera!

As the evening progressed I was moderatly please with my duck entree. Some of the sides need work, the poultry was beautifully presented and underseasoned, and the lentils were amazing. It seems silly, but the humble lentil can be a culinary disaster. They do not hold up well because they can go from perfectly cooked to a mushy mess in a split second. I don't know what they are doing to make those legumes hold up, but I would order a bowl any day! Lentils don't make a meal though and I am not sure if Briejo is going to live up to the Harrison Street hype. I will return in a couple of months.After saying our good-byes with full tummies we headed home at 10:30 to discover this sweet sight. Some parents cannot leave their children home together because all they do is fight. We snapped a bunch of picutres to caputre our dreaming children together and sighed.
How proud and lucky are we?
Okay, 30 seconds later we realized Emma and Finn were faking.
Soooo...our happiness lies in the simple fact our kids excuted this lovely rouse together.

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McGinty Clan said...

your food looks so much tastier and photographs better

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