Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smells like Shortribs in the Morning

Today was just one of those fun days. I love it when people ask me to teach them to cook something and today my friend Tee scheduled a date to learn to make short ribs. Tee is a former farm girl and annually buys a half of a half of a cow...I learned this is different than buying a quarter of a cow because of the cuts you get. Who knew?

The meat she brought was absolutely beautiful and cooking it with her was delightful. We covered all the braising basics, browning the meat to chocolate (it took nearly an hour today), sweating the vegetables, and making an appropriate amount of braising liquid (you don't want to drown it). After this long prep process we put the ribs in the oven. From that moment we were able to reap the benefits of slow food...three hours in the oven!

Conversation with Tee is always great, but today we decided to watch one of my favorite movies while the house filled with intoxicating scents. Pieces of April is a fabulous Thanksgiving story, and while it was slightly indulgent to watch a movie in the middle of a week-day, I thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with a friend. Tee loves Thanksgiving as much as I do and taking in this film really got us in the mood to start planning our own meals!

Just as school was about to let out the ribs were finished, I strained the sauce, and sent Tee home with her dinner!

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