Saturday, November 8, 2008

Planning and Pizza

The Day Nursery board retreat was wildly successful! it was a carefully planned, challenging afternoon that will certainly lead to good things for the organization going forward. It was a long and thought provoking day and one I will always remember.
Time will tell if it is the turning point we hope for; I can't imagine it won't be.
What better way to end a day strategic planning for a children's day care than spending some time with some amazing kids?Emma invited three girls over for dinner and a movie. They made pizza and settled in for the film, but 10 minutes into the flick with a scary start JBCoolcat was crying and said she didn't want to watch it. The girls all decided to turn it off. From there they moved onto dancing and and a rousing game of Scategories. Finn joined in on the game and busted out with a winning "D" that you find in the White House..."Democrats!" We are so proud!

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McGinty Clan said...

I'm not dead. Was in Fla with the kids for a week. Got home yesterday. Swamped at work but will blog today.

What movie did the girls start to watch?

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