Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pictures in the Park

I love being behind the camera. I have never been trained in photography, but find myself very comfortable when tasked with being a memory keeper. Whether my subject is a gorgeous plate of food, the effervescent smiles of my kids, or the lilies in my front yard, the camera gives me chance to reflect the beauty I see in my life everyday. The natural downside to my camera dependence is the simple fact I am NEVER in any pictures. Sometimes I think I could leave this earth and, based on our family photo albums, not have a record of my existence. Time to call in reinforcements.
Enter our friend Anne. She is responsible for our family portraits and I trust her implicitly. I had the good fortune of winning a sitting with her at our school auction last year and used it for a family portrait. From start to finish she is a joy to work with and I love that she simply lets us be the Elsmo Four...she doesn't try to pose us, any instruction she gives is subtle, and she is quick to mention when something is really working. She lets us fold into each other allowing the preciousness of our life to be captured. Being photographed can be awkward, but that is never the case when working with Anne; you leave feeling like you've spent the day with your family and one very excited observer. So all you Oak Parkers...check her out! She is the best kept secret in the area and her rates are totally reasonable!
Anne forwarded me a couple of pictures from our shoot in Millennium Park today (a perk) and this picture of Finn leads me to believe we will be more than happy with the rest. That is my Finn...pure and simple...just the way I like it. I can't wait to unveil our new family portrait this holiday season!

From our family photo shoot we hit Tavern at the Park for an early dinner complete with a little wine for the grown-ups and hot chocolate for the kids. My prosciutto wrapped scallops with arugula and Pomodoro sauce were the perfect end to a great day!

While we were in the restaurant I snapped this picture of my Leifer. There was something about all that blue glass, a grey sweater, a bit of wine, and his gaze directed toward the city he loves that compelled me to get behind the camera.

Can't you see the beauty of my life?


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What a great day.

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I'm already looking forward to this year's Christmas card!!

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