Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Michigan GOTV

With the election of our next president right around the corner, the Elsmo Four just could not be idle. After springing the kids from school for some experiential education we headed to an area near South Haven, Michigan to stay with friends and fellow Obamacrats in their family vacation home. We had no idea the setting would be so stunning and with the weather near perfect, all the children played as hard as they worked!
Early on on November 3rd our crew of 5 adults and 6 kids left our oasis in the woods and made the 30 mile trip to Benton Harbor to flier as many doors as possible. Walking into the office energy was high and morale was great, we had a quick orientation, were given 7 turfs and hit the road. We fliered well over 250 homes, talked to countless excited Obama supporters, and left with a clear picture that the area is on the verge of record voter turnout!
Miss A, the littlest hope-monger among us, ran until she ran out of gas!
As the sun set over the lake at Beech Tree, I cherished the memorable day all we had. We took a great step toward getting the November 4th result our country needs and I had faith
when the sun comes up on E-day it will shine down on country willing to elect an historic and charismatic leader.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa - I just looked at this for the first time - the pictures were stunning - they really captured how lovely the place was and how glorious the lake. And, as usual - your comments were thoughtful, hopeful, and humorous.


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