Sunday, November 30, 2008

LuLu at the Lyric

My friend and fellow board member, Cat, took me to the Lyric this afternoon to see the unconventional opera, LuLu.
Photo by dan rest
I am not an avid opera goer, but I have seen Eugene Onegin and Rossini's Cinderella so I am not totally clueless, but after seeing Lulu today I have no room for comparisons...this was one interesting show. Composed and set in the 1930's this opera is downright raunchy and in my opinion more than progressive for it's era; I can only imagine it was the Rent of it's time. It tells the tale of a used and sex-obsessed woman who dabbles in murder, prostitution, multiple marriages, and same sex relationships. It is dark, gory, and passionate.
I guess opera purists do not love Lulu for it's occasional spoken dialogue and use of film footage, but I must say as the four hour show wore on I was simply captivated. The staging was astounding! Use of a combination of multiple layered scrims, film footage, and sets allow the viewer to comfortably descend into the amoral world of Lulu while maintaining a safe silent film kind of distance from the reality of the plot. You leave realizing you never really cared who Lulu was as a character...she was defined by the needs of others and ends up desperately seeking out the sexual needs of a new man and some spare change...and then her john, Jack the Ripper, does her in.
Lovely and memorable.
Thanks Cat!
This was an afternoon of theater I will not soon forget.

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