Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lemonade for you!

So...I am trying very very hard not to be angry. I just became aware of a little lemon seed of information that could have saved my family about $600. Since I was not aware of how I could make these grand savings when I needed them, I have decided to share my new found knowledge to help others. I am making lemonade out of some serious freaking lemons!
Please take advantage of the following...
If you are planning to attend the Nutcracker this year please buy your tickets online through ticketmaster. When prompted please enter the word "Chase" in the promo code box. You will save 50% on your order. Yep, I purchased 13 tickets before knowing about this perk...a number lives up to its name.
Emma (party boy) and Finn's (Arabian Doll) joint performance dates
Thursday 12/18 7pm
Saturday 12/20 2pm
Sunday 12/22 7pm
Tuesday 12/23 2pm
Saturday 12/27 7pm
If you get the cheap seats I am pretty sure they will pay you to go!!!
Go forth and buy the discounted tickets I wish I could have.
Oh...and if you already bought tickets do not direct your anger toward me, please. As a result of my unfortunate overspending I cannot afford to buy your affection.


Anonymous said...

I was happy to pay full price, but I did get the fantastic dinner and "hotel" package comped!

McGinty Clan said...


Angela said...

We're going! Just booked our tickets for the same day as The Frigs.

Annie said...

Oh Mel! This is something that would happen to me, I'm so sorry
:o( The Schmelzer luck strikes again!

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