Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yesterday during my yoga class my instructor kept saying pretty things like, "your pose, as it is, is perfect for you at this time" and "holding this for 10 seconds will be the difference between walking and floating out the door." This woman speaks my language.
At one point she said, "I know this is uncomfortable, but life is full of discomfort. Use your yoga practice as a way to experiment with ways to cope with the discomforts of life." As I stood in tree pose I felt strong and powerful and capable.

Let the experiment begin...this morning my hips feel a little detached from the rest of my body and my shoulders are screaming sore. I am working through it, but it doesn't feel as pretty as my teacher made it sound!

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jules said...


Now that you've seen that pain or 'discomfort' isn't so bad and can actually have cool benefits such as you described, how 'bout joining us for our Monday core conditioning/flexibility class? We do lots of downward dogs, I promise!

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