Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Since birth, Emma has been a lover of all animals. I have always said there is a vet in that girl! Now that she is a responsible middle school student she has taken on her first real job as a pet sitter for a local family. For the next five days she is caring for a rabbit and two cats. I took her over today to teach her about bringing in the mail, using the keys, leaving notes, and turning lights on...house sitting 101. Of course, I left the animal care to her alone and she was organized and confident!
Earlier in the day my wanna be ark builder called me from her Science class...someone needs to take the class pet home over Thanksgiving break. And a new character entered our plot, the nameless Leopard Gecko and it's container full of maggots. It sounds gross, but the little creature is actually adorable and fun to watch.I am known to be a pretty strict parent, but in this regard I am always quick to say yes...
...can't you see why?
And we all decided any gecko that lives in a science lab should be named Scales.
We will call it that until we return it to school on Monday.

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