Sunday, November 16, 2008

Death of a Snowball

My friend A started a new blog called Peas for Dinner and I must say I love to see what they have for dinner each night! So to honor her, I captured our 1950's style Sunday dinner...roast beef, dill mashed taters, and sauteed spinach. Yummy and hokey for sure!Just as dinner ended the first snow of the season started to fall. Emma was delighted; she headed outside and made a series of snowballs. She lined them up carefully on the ledge of the deck and informed me she was experimenting to see if they would last through the night or melt by morning. I love self motivated education.

We all know there are many variables when experimenting, but the biggest challenge Emma's experiment faced was the good old variable named Dad.

After the kids were sound asleep Leif came into the living room and said, "Did you know Emma had a bunch of snowballs on the deck? I chucked them off."


Ummm...this is a man who clearly does not open the freezer to find frozen latex gloves in the ice box, discover the remnants of a baking soda volcano in the kitchen sink, or navigate his way around thousands of paper dots on the dining room table that were part of the "make your own confetti" enterprise!

So poor Leifer is feeling bad. He has to inform Emma in the morning her experiment was, pause and shudder...inconclusive.


Anonymous said...

If, in the fifties, my mother would have put dill in my fathers mashed potatoes, I would not be here to talk about it.

Mel said...

Actually the potatoes had Brie in them, too. I just thought the post would get to wordy...I also dropped carmelized onion red wine reduction sauce and horseradish creme....I can' stop myself!

On a more serious note if a little dill would have cost the world you...well then I will take my potatoes plain, plain, plain! Who knew the humple potato had such power!

Angela said...

This is Peas 4 Dinner here, and your 50s dinner looks SO much better than my Chipotle run last night. YUM!

McGinty Clan said...

Gosh, you people get up early. I want to eat at your house. I can't cook and honestly don't like to. I'm not sure if I don't like to cook...cause I can't; or can't cook cause I don't like too. Hmmm, chicken or the egg. Anyway, we had Malnati's pizza

jules said...

Maybe it's me, but I love 50's food this time of year. I made a beef stew the other night that was to die for!

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