Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birds in a boat

This Norwegian ship is one of my favorite things in our house. It belonged to Leif's dad, Thad, and we took it from his office after he passed away. We didn't take very many things to remember Thad by, but ever since this boat has been the centerpiece of our dining room table. Since we never put it away, it occasionally gets filled up with decorations. It has been filled with little Easter eggs, Autumn gourds, Spring flowers and Christmas boughs to make ship shift with the seasons. This ritual really seems like a subconscious way our family keeps Leif's dad active in our lives.
Currently Thad's boat is filled with hundreds of tiny origami peace cranes. Our family has decided we are going to string 1,000 to drape around our Christmas tree this year and thanks to willing parents and dancers at the Joffrey we are well on our way toward reaching our goal.

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Mel said...

Melissa and Leif,

I just read through the past 'issues' of your blog to catch up from where I had left off the last time I looked. While doing so, I came across a few pictures and words about 'Thad's boat'. I'm SO glad to know it has a good home. I wondered about it every once in a while. Just so you know, that boat was in my family home for as long as I can remember. I'm assuming my dad (Sverre) either bought it or received it as a gift somewhere along the line and then Thad took it when dad died.

Of course you know that it is a Norwegian Viking ship...those 'circles' hanging on its side aren't shields, they're frozen pizzas.....yep, the Norwegians invented them. It was an easy way to take provisions along on their sea-going voyages through the icy seas. I'll bet you never knew that :->

Just wanted you to know that your blog gets read way up here in Wausau. I hope you make print copies too so that all your work isn't lost in the event of a computer crash or ????



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