Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet dreams

Last night Finn had a nightmare. He came into our bedroom around 2am and was quite upset. He asked if he could sleep with us. What Finn fails to realize is has grown quite a lot and takes up more than his fair share of the middle of any bed. I tucked him in with Leif, made sure he was comfortable, and left to sleep the rest of the night away in his bed. I love living in a smaller home where everyone has to be ready to shift position and lucky for me Finn has the most comfortable bed in the house! I slept, as Finn used to say, "like a ton of the bricks!"

Tonight as Finn crawled into bed after a long day of school and soccer he commented, "my bed feels so good. Your back must be very sweet, Mom, because my bed is even more comfortable since you slept in it!"

Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

1 comment:

McGinty Clan said...

ohhhhhhhhhh, how sweet

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