Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Today, for the first time, you could really feel Autumn lingering around the corner. It was a brisk 55 degrees with some blustery winds, but the sun would peek out occasionally if only to warm you briefly.
Our crazy little 7 pound dog, Lucy, freezes if the temperature falls one degree below 65. When it does she becomes a shivering mess and cannot get comfortable. Of course, I always put a blanket out for her, but the vet informed us sweaters are a must for a dog like her.
So...for her first sweater of the season we selected a blue argyle knit; this dog kills me.

Funny thing, my friend JP stopped over for some coffee and political chat wearing the most amazing sweater I have seen in a long time. JP is a nurse who works with allergy sufferers and a patient made her the sweater.

Nothing like a couple of sweater clad companions to make a crisp fall day a little cozier!

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