Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today it all started. I took Emma and Finn down to the Joffrey Tower for their Nutcracker orientation, costume measurements, and publicity photographs. Our holiday season is now set with heavy rehearsals and a rigorous performance schedule. It was exceptionally sweet to witness Emma taking her little brother under her veteran wing ushering him into this prestigious world.

Emma Grace has been cast in the coveted party scene, though we will not know if she will play a girl or boy until next week. The party opens the show and lasts a full thirty minutes; as a parent it is a viewing dream...amazing costumes, real dancing, and funny family sub-plots throughout!

As for Finn, he has been cast as a little doll under the tree. During the party scene the girls all receive a doll as a present and those eight little dolls come to life during the battle scene. They fight on the side of the Nutcracker and use gumdrops as weapons to slay mischievous mice! The dolls also appear in the second act as foils for the company dancers as they perform their variations. As a boy Finn could be cast as Punch, Pierrot, Arabian, Chinese Boy, or Gingerbread. We'll know more next week, but seeing as how he is the littlest doll of all my bets are on Pierrot or Punch!

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Annie said...

I can't wait to see them both perform! What a talented family these Elsmo Four are and I'm technically related! :o) Double bonus.

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