Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Spew

This evening Leif and I made our way into the city to see The Spew, an all improv spoof on The View. Given the nature of the show and the swirl of interest our country currently has in politics these talented and hardworking women have no shortage of material to work with! Sarah Palin even made an appearance. Their "special guest", celebrity King Koa Hitchcock (played by the super funny Mary Olivieri) was quick to share her plan for helping cat allergy stricken Angolan children by raising funds to provide needy families with purple Dyson Vacuum cleaners! Thank goodness for improv because no-one could have written that! Oh...and I suggested the vacuum.

The best part of all is my dear friend Lynda plays Gay, the character spoof of Joy Behar. I cannot imagine the pressure the entire cast of The Spew is under every time they perform, but Lynda and the rest of the cast are supremely confident and hyper aware (not to mention down right funny) while performing.

So check it take in a Sunday night show Leif and I left the house at 6:15, the show started at 7pm and we were home before 9pm. There is no excuse not to go!!

The Spew runs Sundays at 7pm from October 12 through November 16 at Comedy Sportz Theatre located 929 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL 60657. The best part? Tickets are only $10. Contact 773.549.8080 for tickets! Did I mention you can also drink wine out of plastic cups?

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