Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pain

Today was what one might call, "a big thing". My Day Nursery Co- President and I lead our very first board meeting. We had everything well prepared and were eager to get the ball rolling. The meeting was a success, but not without stress...before, during and after. For most this would be just another tough day at the office, but for me circumstances such as these present a different kind of challenge.

I always have a nag, a nagging neck pain that is . It sounds silly but really has a complicated neurological diagnosis and is something I have come to live with. It starts with a shot of energy, like lightening, from the top of my head down my left arm and then the pain sets in. It starts gradually, but ultimately becomes has sent me to the emergency room, prevented me from driving, or even brushing my hair. And today it started.

I was holding my own enough to drive the Friday dance carpool, but I knew I was headed for trouble. I love the fact that I cram my car full ballerinas and one boy once a week; I was unwilling to let myself go down the path that would prevent this from being a part of my day. Can't you see why? So I called Julia.
I secured my acupuncture appointment and headed over to El's house to have Finn's hair cut. They have an Irish Wolfhound puppy who has become huge in the last few months. Amazing.
With Finn safely tucked away with our friends, I headed over to the 325 Health Center for my "head it off at the pass" acupuncture treatment. Julia found me completely devoid of Xi and suggested I entertain an additional treatment. I have never experienced cupping before, but have to say I was mightily impressed!
I was virtually pain free by the time I headed home and thankfully so, because we had to decorate for Annie. She is coming in for the marathon, her first, and the kids, Leif and I decided to fill her bedroom with signs, balloons and streamers to send her off on her great adventure! She is going to hurt after 26.2 miles, but I am thankful I will be able to snap by head to watch her cross the finish line! You always have to find a way to work through the pain...I did and Annie will too.

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